Record swimming pool opening

With the passage of Emilia-Romagna to the white zone, the Record swimming pool reopens and water activities begin again: free swimming, courses, aquafitness, swimming for babies, in full compliance with all safety protocols.

Free swimming hours:

Large pool

  • Monday 6.15am-9.00pm
  • Tuesday 9.00am-9.00pm
  • Wednesday 10.00am-9.00pm
  • Thursday 6.15am-9.00pm
  • Friday 6.15am-8.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am-7.00pm
  • Sunday 9.00am-7.00pm

For the times of the free swimming small pool click here or download the attached file.

For information about times, rates and methods of entry to the swimming pool, contact the Record Reception.


  • The solarium closes 15 minutes before the end of free swimming.
  • The changing rooms must be vacated within 25 minutes following the end of the free swimming closing time.
  • The administration has recorded a voucher equal to the value of the suspension period of the courses purchased and not used: for information in this regard, contact Reception Record


On Monday 21 June the following courses will also start again:

It is necessary for all courses to reserve a seat by contacting the Record Reception. Reservations will be open from Monday 14 June.