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CUS Bologna is an amateur sports association founded in 1946. It is part of the Italian University Sports Center (C.U.S.I.) which is in turn associated to the F.I.S.U. (International University Sport Federation), of which it is a founder member, and to the E.U.S.A. (European University Sport Association).

The main mission of the CUSB is to disseminate and enhance motor activity through basic and competitive sports within all the schools of the University of Bologna and the local territory, addressing a wide range of targets transversally: children, the elderly, amateurs and competitive players, the CUS Bologna is a point of reference and valid support for all.

The objectives of the CUSB include:

  • the dissemination of the sports culture and the ethical principles behind it
  • the enhancement of sport as a tool for aggregation and dialog in society
  • the promotion of the universal values sport can convey through socialization, respect for companions and adversaries, and human physical and mental well-being


"Sport as education of the body, sport as a learning exercise, sport as team spirit and cooperation, sport as an activity that raises awareness of our own physical potential: these are the first considerations that come to mind when I think of the sports activities we begin to practice as young people and which often (indeed today more than ever) we continue as adults.

While it is true that the idea of University is the idea of a multiple set of knowledge and the transmission of this knowledge, we must accept that there is also a knowledge of the body, understood as practice, exercise, attitude. Every Alma mater student feels a part of a community, and in this community the sports facilities play a similar role to that of our classrooms, laboratories and libraries. In each of these spaces education takes place. And we well know that this education has no end, must not have an end, because it continues into the world of work and the world of our passions, interests and leisure time. And while sport can become a serious commitment, it is fundamentally also passion and recreation.

There is a cliché surrounding competitive activities, a cliché that needs to be reviewed, or at least corrected: if you want to come out on top in competitive sports, you train to win. But this is not sport: anyone who practices a sport, and does so with measured passion, knows that often you play for the pleasure of playing, and the pleasure of exercise. You may not come first, you may not experience the anxiety of competition. Exercising means measuring your own skills, your own potential, and finding the right place for you in life. And this is what the true sportsperson knows, or learns: the right place for their own well-being. Mental and physical - or rather - physical and mental well-being."

Francesco Ubertini - Rector of the University of Bologna


"Dear students, this year too we have set ourselves the task of organizing your future sports activities in the University of Bologna. Our feet stand on solid ground, thanks to the experience gained in seventy years of activity, but every season we start with new enthusiasm, ready to satisfy your wishes and propose emerging disciplines and the most popular activities of the time. Wishing you a positive year of studies and, of course, fun, we invite you to come and visit our site, where you can see all the possibilities available to you for practicing your favorite sport and where we will be pleased to listen to your requests and suggestions. And if you are competitive athletes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to defend the Alma Mater colors in the National university championships, where every season students from all over Italy fight to honor their own university and where the University of Bologna has been at the top of the league tables since the very first editions of the Championships. Every year however this is becoming tougher and tougher, so we need you too!"

Piero Pagni - Chairman of CUS Bologna

"Sports activities have become an increasingly important part of the Alma Mater strategies. This has been confirmed since 2015, with the drafting of the university sports development plan, and the importance of sport in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the cornerstone of the University’s strategic planning: sport is indeed a fundamental lever for promoting the health and well-being of students and human resources. The Alma Mater also recognizes the role sport plays in developing specific life skills. Training and competition offer experiences that promote self-awareness, developing the ability to cope with stress, manage emotions and establish positive relations within an organized context. Alongside these fundamental benefits is the conviction that sport fosters integration processes within the student community, strengthening the sense of identity of a great university sports family. Finally, in a university that considers internationalization to be one of the pillars of its identity, it is natural that sport enjoys increasing attention, as happens in the best universities worldwide, therefore strengthening the recognition of the Alma Mater as an attractive place of excellence. This awareness is the foundation on which we develop our actions and projects: within this rectoral mandate, the dual career regulation has been introduced, reconciling high-level sports experience with university studies. In 2019, this regulation saw significant innovation in its admissions criteria, and recorded a considerable increase in the number of participants. Similarly, the University awards prizes for sports and study merits to outstanding students in both fields. Today sees a new phase of promoting new formulas to ensure the widespread promotion of sport and strengthen the sense of identity with the university community, balancing the opportunities available to students on the various university campuses. Announcing these objectives and defining projects must however be accompanied by the strong motivation of the departments and people involved in planning and managing university sports; the University of Bologna knows that its partner, the CUSB, is already strong yet eager to grow further, and together we can aim for even more ambitious goals."

Maurizio Marano - Delegate for sports activities

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