Work with us

How to become a CUSB instructor


If you want to join our team as an instructor of the CUS Bologna, please send your curriculum to . Our technical team will evaluate it.

Becoming a volunteer

If you wish to spend some time volunteering with us, send an application to one of the CUSB sites.

You will be invited to a motivational interview to establish your suitability for service, agreeing on your tasks.

You may volunteer for:

  • assistance for specific events
  • support in one of the facilities
  • support for distributing promotional materials

Performing an internship at the CUSB

Curricular internships may be performed by students enrolled on degree programs whose study program includes an internship.

As it is not considered a work activity, the internship is unpaid. The duration of the internship is determined by the credits envisaged in the study plan of each student (6 credits for 150 hours, 12 CFU for 300 hours).

Students wishing to perform their internship at one of the CUSB sites can ask the Internship Manager for an appointment by phone.