In June 2020 the CUSB launched, in accordance with the University governance, the first CUSB ESports Tournament: an event open to the entire university community with two gaming platforms - FIFA 20 and Assetto Corsa - for football and engines (

An initiative that was born as an expression of a wider project promoted by the University in spreading a renewed attention to sports practices within the student community and intended to feed a training process focused on improving lifestyles and protecting health, which has taken on even more importance following the lockdown imposed by Covid-19. The CUSB Esports Tournament is held from 13 to 26 July and has obtained good feedback from the student community, as well as a strong media visibility, thanks to the quality of the project and the partners chosen by the CUSB (Bologna Fc, Ferrari, Macron and Technogym ). For a summary report of the initiative see attachment.

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