Organisation Chart and Council Members

Board of Directors

  • President: Dr. Piero Pagni
  • Deputy Vice President: Dr. Valeria Taraborrelli
  • TreasurerDr. Alessandro Lubisco
  • Board Member:  Dr. Silvia Lombardi
  • University Delegate Councilor: Prof. Simone Ciacci

Members of the Council of CUS Bologna

There are two types of CUS Bologna Council Members, Active and Senior. All Council Members enjoy the same rights, are subject to the same obligations and participate in the activities carried out by the CUS Bologna in the same way.

To become an Active Council member, an application must be submitted according to the procedures established by the regulations stated in the CUS Bologna statute. Admission is approved by the administrative body after examining the request and the provided documentation. Membership status in the CUS Bologna Council is then acquired upon payment of the council membership fee, which must be paid yearly.