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Baby and toddler swimming class

Water fun is one of the best ways to stimulate movement in babies, helping them to become aware of themselves and the surrounding environment. Becoming confident with the water, they learn to maintain the reflex of apnea and develop muscles and coordination. Mums and dads with their children and specialist instructors play together in this new element. The lessons are organized with games suited to the age of the children and songs to help the children relax and enjoy the experience. From three months babies can bathe in the pool.

CUSB baby and toddler swimming class

  • Site: Record Sports Facility / Record Swimming Pool
  •  Period: from 21/09/2020 to 31/05/21
  • Days and times:
    Monday 10: 30am-11: 00am (0-12 months)
    Wednesday 4: 00pm-4: 30pm (0-18 months); 4: 30pm-5: 00pm (18-36 months)
    Thursday 4: 00pm-4: 30pm (0-18 months);4: 30pm-5: 00pm  (18-36 months)
    Saturday 9: 00am-9: 30am (0-12 months); 9: 30am-10: 00am (12-24 months); from 10: 00am-10: 30am (24-36 months)
    Sunday 9: 00am-9: 30am (0-12 months); 9: 30am-10: 00am (12-24 months); from 10: 00am-10: 30am (24-36 months)
  • Costs: contact the swimming secretariat 

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