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Water circuit training

Water circuit training is a gymnastic activity in the pool related to the disciplines of swimming training, consisting of circuit training in the water at “stations”. It is based on the alternation of muscle toning and cardio-vascular exercises using a range of fitness equipment. Each training session takes place entirely in the pool; the exercises are organized at work stations, each of which involves different muscles, followed by cardio-vascular training. The equipment used for water circuit training run from classic weights and ankle braces to larger equipment including the bike and the step. During training, traditional aquafitness exercises are alternated with other exercises using the equipment. A mix of high-intensity exercises accompanied by music - hydrobike, aquastep, aquajump and aerobics, with all the benefits of each of these water fitness disciplines. Facilitates slimming, muscle toning and improves cardio-vascular activity.

CUSB Aqua circuit course

  • Days and times: 
    Monday and Tuesday 7: 15pm-8: 00pm 
    Friday 6: 30pm-7: 15pm
    Saturday 12: 15am-1: 00pm; 5: 00pm-5: 45pm
  • “Total Free Card” costs (see attached regulation):  5 entries € 50.00 - 10 entries € 95.00 - 15 entries € 135.00

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