Sailing courses involve general theory lessons touching on hydro-dynamics and fluid dynamics, integrated with elements of meteorology and safety conduct, before practical experiences at sea to learn Sailing techniques.

CUSB sailing course


Invitation to sailing

Introduction to sailing trips organized on Saturday mornings

  • Period: Only during the course period: Set number of trips, booking mandatory
  • Cost: free


Sailing courses

Basic level, intermediate level and subsequent leisure and regatta levels. Theory and practical lessons in two weekends. The course will run with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 people

  • Days and times: Week-end (Saturday afternoon and all day on Sunday) preceded by an introductory evening event
  • Periods: Spring 2021
  • Cost: 280€ UNIBO - 300€ non UNIBO


Training for offshore (unlimited) nautical license exam

  • Period: The course will run with min 8 people in late October 2019
  • Cost: UNIBO 650€ (50€ at the time of registration - 1st installment 300€ start of course - 2nd installment 300€ before sitting the exam) - Non UNIBO 700€ (100€ at the time of registration - 1st installment 300€ start of course - 2nd installment 300€ before sitting the exam)
    includes: 50 hours of theory lessons at the Record facility - 2 practical sea trips at Marina di Ravenna - full teaching materials - assistance for license application - map reading exercises
    does not include: Taxes and stamp duty - other trips out (50€ per person per trip)

Competitive activities

The Sailing section of CUS Bologna was founded in 1987 as the 19th CUS Bologna competitive sports section. It is affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation and has the following institutional purposes:

  • Promotion of sailing among university students and others.
  • Its federal sailing school runs courses at different levels, including projects for the disabled and outdoor workshops for the School of Psychology and Education Studies and Team Building for businesses.
  • Coordination of student crews taking part in prestigious international university sailing appointments.
  • Organization of national and international university sailing events.
  • In cooperation with the School of Engineering and Architecture, participation in the sports unit 051 Challenge involving students in the design and construction of a vessel that takes part annually in the “Mille e una Vela Cup”, an international sailing event among universities.