University of Bologna Summer Camp Regulations 2024

    - The parent must create an account on the management system.
    - Associate the child with their own account.
    - Register the child with CUSB.
    - Complete the registration for the camp.
    To register two or more children, the same procedure must be followed. If one child attends more sessions than the others, it is mandatory to register the child attending more sessions per week first. The discount will only be applied from the second registration onwards.
  • PAYMENT: Registration will be confirmed only upon payment of a 30% deposit of the total registration fee. The payment must be made within 5 days of online registration. In case of failure to pay the deposit within the specified period, the online booking will be automatically canceled by our secretariat. The balance must be paid by the Wednesday before the start of attendance at the camp.
    It is possible to make up for missed days due to illness or force majeure by presenting a medical certificate or other official documentation to our secretariat. If the request is accepted, it will be possible to choose the new days or sessions to attend. There are no refunds for days or sessions of camp already paid for and not used.
  • PART-TIME ATTENDANCE: There is no specific fee for "part-time" attendance. However, parents have the option to pick up their child at 2:00 pm (but not before lunch). To request a 2:00 pm pick-up, please send an email to
  • MANDATORY INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION: It is mandatory to provide important information about your child at the time of registration by filling out the form on the online platform, such as intolerances/allergies and life-saving medications. It is also necessary to attach the relevant medical certificate to the communication.