Ultimate Frisbee Ravenna

Team sport that is practiced with the frisbee. Main feature is the Spirit of the Game, a set of fairness, respect for the rules and the opponent. The figure of the referee is not expected, but the players solve the disputes. It is played outdoors and indoors.

CUSB Ultimate frisbee course

  • Open to: UNIBO students and staff
  • For information: Secretariat Ravenna
  • Site: Palestra Liceo Classico Grande, via Carducci
  • Period: from October 2023 to May 2024
  • Days and times: Monday 9.00pm-10.30pm
  • Cost: 
    38€ 1 month
    105€ period (Oct-Jan) 105€ period (Feb-May)
    175€ entire period (Oct-May)

    48€ 1 month
    €125 period (Oct-Jan) €125 period (Feb-May)
    195€ entire period (Oct-May)