Sports Climbing Ravenna

Sports Climbing improves motor dynamism and concentration, with huge benefits for body and mind.

CUSB-accredited Sports Climbing course - Ravenna

  • Open to: UNIBO students and staff
  • Site: Arrampicata Sportiva Istrice Palestra Ex-Muratori, Viale S. Baldini 2 (c/o Giardini) e Via Lussino 20 Ravenna
  • Period: from October 2023 to August 2024
  • Days and times: contact Arrampicata Sportiva Istrice
  • Cost: 1 Month 48€ - 12 Revenue 68€ - Annual 360€
    Course 130€ (two hours of course + 1 month of free attendance at the end of the course; including use of equipment)
    FASI 15€ card to be paid on site