Lifeguard Assistant Patent

The CUS Bologna, as a Federal Swimming School (FIN) is authorized by the Italian Swimming Federation (Rescue Section) for the internal organization of training courses for the qualification and qualification for the profession of Bathing Assistant meeting the requirements of the guidelines ILS (International Life Saving Federation) for international patent recognition.

Certifications Issued at the end of the course:

FIN Bathing Assistant Qualification
Enable 388/03
Company First Aid
Enabling the use of the defibrillator

  • Open to all: from 16 to 66 years (not completed) The course is aimed at those who already have excellent swimming skills. Mastery in free style swimming, back and frog.
  • For information: Contacts -Registration for courses - Swimming Reception
  • Period: The course lasts about 60 days and includes a theoretical part and a practical part in the pool; at the end of the course there is a theoretical-practical exam 
  • Admission test days and times: to define
  1. take a dip from a height of at least one meter above the water level; 
  2. swim properly for at least 25 meters with a high head crawl; 
  3. swim properly for at least 25 meters on your back; 
  4. swim properly for at least 25 meters in breaststroke; 
  5. swim properly for at least 25 meters with back frog; 
  6. swim correctly for 100 meters style of your choice; 
  7. travel at least 12.5 meters in underwater apnea; 
  8. maintain a vertical position in the water for at least 20 seconds with your hands and head out of the water, therefore using only the movement of the lower limbs. 
  • Location: Record Plant / Record Pool 
  • Course days and times: Thursday at 8.00 pm (theory) and practice on Sunday morning at 8.30 am 
  • Cost: € 399.00 
  1. € 185.00 to be paid to our Federal Swimming School 
  2. € 214.00 to be paid through the Federnuoto portal