Happy Athletics

Running, throwing and jumping: these are the three fundamental elements in the development of the child that are at the heart of the HAPPY ATLETICA course. Instructors Graduates Sc. Motorie e tecnici FIDAL will adapt the workouts according to age and needs. All members will be provided with a participation kit.

CUSB Athletics course


Course 1

  • Location: CUS Terrapieno plant
  • Period: from 11 September 2023 to 31 May 2024
    September OPEN: by making the membership and by reservation at the following link - click here - you can attend the course for free until the end of September, before deciding whether to confirm the registration. 
  • Days and times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5.30pm - 7.00pm 


Corso 2 Borgo Panigale-Reno/Navile district

  • Location: School Gym XXI APRILE
  • Days and times: Monday 5.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Period: from 18 September 2023 to 31 May 2024
    recommended for those who are 5-6-7 years old (2016-2018)


  • Cost:
    4 months: single-weekly 128€ - biweekly 244€ - triweekly 272€
    Annual: single-weekly 200€ - biweekly 312€ - triweekly 440€

    Not Unibo
    4 months: single-weekly 160€ - biweekly 280€ - triweekly 400€
    Annual: single-weekly 250€ - biweekly 390€ - triweekly 550€
  • Discounts: EARLY BOOKING for those who enroll in the annual course and pay the full credit card fee by September 2, 2023 -15%


There are no recoveries in case of ABSENCE but EXTRA activities will be organized such as SPORT DAY and PROMOTION WEEK:

  • SPORT DAY: weekend events with games, tournaments and lots of fun
  • PROMOTION WEEK: weeks in which you can attend any course

NB: only for the courses of HAPPY SOCCER and HAPPY ATLETICA it will be possible, upon communication to the manager, to recover in other days or in other facilities.