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Terrapieno - Palacus University Sports Center

Multi-purpose sports facilities with an indoor facility, Palacus, and an outdoor facility, Terrapieno.

PALACUS indoor parquet

Via del Carpentiere 44, Bologna


Equipment and services:

  • 5 changing rooms for athletes
  • 1 changing room for referees
  • stand
  • medical facility for competitive and recreational sports medicals: by appointment only - medicals


Via del Terrapieno 27, Bologna

Equipment and services:

  • 2 5-a-side artificial turf fields
  • 3 7-a-side latest-generation artificial turf fields
  • 1 11-a-side latest-generation artificial turf field
  • 1 multi-purpose field with regulation grass (football, rugby, American football, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • 1 stand
  • 1 grass training field with lighting
  • 1 athletics track

Consult the information for court hire for your favorite sport.


Terrapieno - Palacus University Sports Center

Via del Terrapieno, 27 - Via del Carpentiere, 44 Bologna

+39 348 1414143

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