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Diving activities: Finswimming is a specialist water sport that, using special equipment (swimfin, fins, mask) allows athlete to achieve much faster speeds than in normal swimming.

CUSB finswimming class


Finswimming beginners course

Basic swimming techniques, finswimming techniques. Beginners who have never practiced swimming/finswimming (children from 6 to 11 years)

Pre-competitive finswimming

Suited for children with basic knowledge of finswimming, having learned swimming skills and taken part in promotional competitions.

  • Days and times:
    Finswimming beginners course: Mon/Thu 5.00 pm - Sat 4.30 pm
    Pre-competitive finswimming: Mon/Thu 6.40 pm - Sat 4.30 pm
  • Cost of beginners course and pre-competitive course:  140.00€ once a week - 235.00€ twice a week - 300.00€ 3 times a week

Competitive activities - Competitive team

  • Days and times: Mon-Fri 3.00/5.00 pm - Sat 2.30 pm - Mon/Thu/Fri 9.10 pm - Tue 9.40 pm - Wed 7.30 pm
  • Cost: UNIBO: 300.00€ 1st installment - 250.00€ 2nd installment/ Non UNIBO: 300.00€ 1st installment - 300.00€ 2nd installment
    Gym fee: €150 (in two installments)

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