Initiation to different sports

Children aged 3 to 10 years: activities aimed at basic motor skills, playful learning and knowledge of different disciplines according to a multi-sport approach.

  • BABY SPORT: Activities aimed at basic motor skills and the discovery of the body for boys and girls aged 3 and 4 years.
  • MULTISPORT: Introductory sports courses dedicated to boys and girls aged 5 to 7 years: the goal is to teach the basic techniques of the various disciplines in a fun way, helping children to discover the most suitable sport for them.
  • HAPPY SPORT: Single-sport activities for children aged 5 to 10 years, aimed at learning in a playful way and without pressure. The races and competitions planed within these courses are prepared in an easy way and with the aim of fostering social skills and team spirit.


It will be possible to build your own customized proposal with bi- or tri-weekly frequency of different sports disciplines (e.g. one day happy soccer + one day happy roller, paying as a bi-weekly course).

September OPEN: By making the membership and upon booking from August 21, 2023 you will be able to attend any course for free until the end of September, before deciding whether to confirm your registration. Also with membership you are entitled to 2 more FREE TRIALS starting in October.



The activities and courses of the Under 18 sector will be discontinued on the following days: October 4, 2023; November 1-2-3, 2023; December 8, 2023; December 24, 2023 to January 7, 2024 inclusive-Christmas holidays; March 28 to April 2, 2024 inclusive-Easter holidays; April 25 and 26, 2024; May 1, 2024; June 2, 2024.

Multisport from 5 to 7 years old


Sports Initiation Courses from 3 to 10 years old

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