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The distribution of water bottles as a gift for new students enrolled in the Alma Mater Studiorum starts again

From 25 May it will again be possible to collect the personalized bottle that the University has given to all freshmen enrolled in the three-year Degree courses and single-cycle Degree courses of the 2019/2020 academic year. The University of Bologna has decided, in agreement with its partner CUSB, to extend the delivery terms of the bottle until 12 September 2020.

They will be distributed by the CUSB - University Sports Center - and for the withdrawal it is necessary to show an identity document and / or badge.

  • In BOLOGNA, collection is possible from 25 May to 12 September at the UniboStore, in Piazza Verdi 2 / A (from Monday to Saturday: 10.00-16.00); for information contact 051 5060481 or write to


For the day of collection of the bottle only, a special promotion will be activated for freshmen, who will be able to purchase UniboStore products at a discount of 15%.  

During the collection of the bottle in the UniboStore of Bologna for all freshmen it will be possible to register for the CUSB for only € 5!  

  • In FORLÌ, collection is possible by reservation from 25 May to 12 September at the UniboStore located on the third floor of Palazzo Talenti Framonti (in Piazza Saffi, 45), inside the Green Office Romagna space; for information and reservations write to


In compliance with the regulations of the Region following the COVID-19 emergency, we ask you to respect the following guidelines to ensure the health of managers, store managers and customers:

  1. one person may enter the shop at a time 
  2. you will need to wear the mask 
  3. there will be a dispenser for disinfecting hands at the entrance of the shop 
  4. the use of disposable gloves - made available to customers - to touch or try any item in the store will be mandatory   


In this period of emergency, the importance of investing in aware lifestyles has increasingly emerged. The initiative, created as part of the "Sustainable Multicampus", was created precisely to raise awareness and disseminate behavior in the name of sustainability. The action, part of the Plastop project to reduce the use of plastic in the University spaces, is also carried out thanks to the contribution of the Carisbo Foundation.

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