The Alma Mater basketball team wins the National University Championships!

There is a gold, in particular, that was particularly awaited. So expected as to push the Rector of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Molari, to also express himself on his Facebook profile: "The Alma Mater basketball team won the Italian University Championships! Congratulations guys !! Great result !! ".

Perhaps very great, because the University of Bologna beats, and does it in a clear way, its long-time rival, the Cus Milano. It ends 94-69 (22-20, 42-36; 77-55). Balanced match until half-time, with the red and white always ahead, then Cus Bologna takes off and confirms itself as the most successful university ever in Italy, at least in basketball. This is demonstrated by the 16 national titles and 3 successes at European level (no Italian university has ever won an international gold except the Alma Mater).

The match report: Barattini 13, Buscaroli 16, Fantinelli 17, Matteo Folli 16, Klyuchnik 16, Lorenzo Folli 7, Govoni 4, Bavieri 1, Galantini 1, Forni 1, Pollini 1, Simone Folli 1.

The captain of the University of Bologna, Matteo Folli, is satisfied. "It was a tough match, they were very intense and at the beginning we struggled, but we never gave up. We were able to go to the iron more easily and we managed to distance them. They made some baskets that kept them in the game, but we had more and we went away winning. We are very happy! ”.

And the coach, Matteo Lolli, can only be happy, supported and replaced, in the first few outings, by Matteo Galli. "We started again - says Lolli - from where we left off after Covid and we are very happy because we have rebuilt a group that has already understood what the spirit of Alma Mater and Cus Bologna is like and that the goal is obviously only one, and we took it home. We are very happy!".

Along with the Facebook post, Rector Giovanni Molari called to compliment his team captain, Matteo Folli, who is a student of Artificial Intelligence (Engineering).

The basketball team, together with all the medalists of this edition of the National University Championships, will be received in the rectorate on June 16 in the VIII Centenario room, in via Zamboni 33. This success makes the adventure in which it decided even more precious and awaited. to try their hand at the Alma Mater Studiorum which, in 2025, will host the Eusa European Championships in the shadow of the Two Towers, relying on a gem, the PalaCus, which in the recent past has also been appreciated by the NBA.