Preziosi Sports Center in Ozzano dell'Emilia: expansion and redevelopment of the football field

The expansion and redevelopment works of the football field at the Preziosi Sports Center (Via Sandro Pertini - Ozzano dell'Emilia, BO), open to the city and the university community, have been completed (special rates are provided for students and employees of the Alma Mater). The works involved the transformation from 5-a-side to 7-a-side football, the overhaul of the worn and no longer draining playing floor and other maintenance work on the sports field.

At the inauguration event, Wednesday 29 June, the Rector Giovanni Molari, the President of CUSB Piero Pagni and the Mayor of Ozzano Luca Lelli attended, while the representatives of the teams that participated in the autumn and summer Championships organized by the CUSB challenged each other in a quadrangular for the Super Cup.

The new 7-a-side soccer field has been mainly expanded on the north-west side, guaranteeing an adequate space for users to circulate with the other fields present and maintaining the same orientation. The old synthetic turf was then removed and a layer of quarry sand on which the new synthetic turf was placed was spread over all 1,500 square meters of surface.

The system was equipped with a programmable irrigation and lighting system with high-efficiency LED projectors suitable for lighting large areas and sports facilities equipped with special shielding fins mounted above the optics, to block the illumination towards high and respect the Regional Laws on light pollution.

Furthermore, some maintenance works were carried out on the existing border fence where all the poles were replaced with other wooden posts of the same size and make; in the part in front of the entrance to the changing rooms, used as a meeting place and refreshment area, a shading system has been set up with two maxi umbrellas and new outdoor furniture; the interiors of the changing room building have been repainted with Unibo-CUSB colors and equipped with adequate infographics.