Gift Card CUSB

For your special occasions give away the CUSB Gift Card!

You can choose the Gift Card Sport or the Gift Card Unibostore.


Gift Card Sport - the perfect gift for sports lovers!

With this card you will give your friends or family the opportunity to do sports and free for you will be the CUSB Card.

  • Where to buy Gift Cards?
    At all the secretariats of CUS Bologna.
  • What should the recipient of the Gift Card do?
    Whoever receives the card must go to a secretariat to activate it.
    After activation, the card can also be used online to scale, without having to show up at the office.
  • When does the Gift Card expire?
    Deadline 31/08/2024.


Gift Card Unibostore - give away the merchandising of Alma Mater Studiorum!

This card is valid for any purchase at the Unibostore.

  • Where to buy Gift Cards?
    You can buy it at the Unibostore of the value you prefer between 15€, 25€, 50€ and 100€.
  • What should the Gift Card do for us?
    Those who receive the Gift Card must present themselves at the Unibostore, Piazza Verdi 2/A, Bologna.
  • When does the Gift Card expire?
    The Gift Card is valid for one year from the day of purchase.


For more information you can write to