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Alma Mater Fest - The University of Bologna welcomes its students!

The University of Bologna, with the CUSB, has decided to organize Alma Mater Fest. This event is for all of you and will take place on October 12. It will be an opportunity to welcome our new students and celebrate our community and its founding values.

An afternoon of meetings, music and sharing to be experienced in different locations in Bologna, in the Campus offices and at the same time in live streaming: with Alma Mater Fest the University welcomes those who have chosen Unibo for study or work reasons, telling about their multicampus reality and the values ​​that distinguish it.

The welcome party of the University of Bologna, Alma Mater Fest, is scheduled for Monday 12 October, an event organized with the Bologna University Sports Center - CUSB with the aim of presenting the multicampus University and its many opportunities. It will be an afternoon of meetings and appointments, a real marathon to be experienced in person, in various locations in Bologna and on the Campus but also in live streaming.

There will also be a live musical performance: one hundred selected musicians, together with Rockin'1000, from the community of the University of Bologna will perform to convey the sense of commitment and community of the Alma Mater. To become part of this Almaband and participate in Alma in 100 it is possible to register on the site by 11 September.

It will therefore be a great moment of participation and sharing made up of music, talks, guests, stories of ambassadors, emotional videos, dialogue with students to tell the University of Bologna between sport, sustainability, culture and music and at the same time express closeness of the University despite the distance, the warmth of being and re-finding oneself, celebrating the great community of the Alma Mater.


More information and details on the event are available and are being updated on the Alma Mater fest website, the event on Facebook and the instagram account @almamaterfest.

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