Access modalities

In order to have access to the C.U.S.B. affiliated courses, it is essential to join the C.U.S.B. a.s.d. Sports Society by filling out the relevant form, which must be read carefully in every part. In no case can the lack of knowledge of the clauses of the form, which is signed at the time of registration, be invoked, as required by law.


General Norms

The ownership and the carrying out of the courses are exclusive competence of the contracted company. C.U.S.B a.s.d is in no way responsible for any changes and/or cancellations.


Attendance and trial classes

  • Course attendance may be single-weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, depending on the enrolment arrangements provided by the contracted society for each type of course.
  • Course suspension days are defined discretionally by the contracted company.
  • The possibility of attending trial classes (after completing the C.U.S.B. a.s.d. membership procedure) is at the discretion of the company owning the relevant course. Any request should be addressed directly to the company.


Enrolments and renewals

  • Enrolments and renewals are accepted only during the periods indicated by the contracted company.
  • There’s no automatic enrolment for the months following the period already signed up for. It must be formalized at one of the C.U.S.B. a.s.d. secretariats or through the appropriate online procedure (if provided) and will be confirmed only once the fee has been paid. Renewals will be possible subject to availability of places and determined exclusively by the course-holding company.
  • Membership in C.U.S.B. a.s.d. is mandatory in order to attend the affiliated courses and is valid from the time of registration until 31 August 2024. It is also mandatory to submit the original copy of the “Certificato di Idoneità Sportiva” (a sport fitness certificate for competitive and non-competitive sports, issued by a sports physician) with residual validity equal to, or greater than, the chosen period of attendance.
  • Any request for fees transfer to other periods, lessons retakes and/or request for reimbursement, cannot be addressed to C.U.S.B a.s.d.
  • The course-holding may reserve the right to request any additional membership fees from its members, independently of the will of C.U.S.B. a.s.d.


Attendance rules

Students will be allowed to access the facilities of the affiliated associations and attend lessons or trial classes (where applicable) only if they have complied with:

  • The C.U.S.B. a.s.d. membership, with simultaneous delivery of the original “Certificato di idoneità sportiva” and regular registration, or renewal of registration, to the course.
  • It will not be possible to access the course without regular registration at one of the C.U.S.B. secretariats or through the appropriate online procedure (if provided).
  • Access to the courses is subject to the availability of places.
  • The access modalities to classes will be identified and determined exclusively by the contracted company, which is obliged to book the purchased service.