Access modalities

In order to access C.U.S.B. courses, it is essential to join the C.U.S.B. a.s.d. Sports Society by filling out the relevant form, which must be read carefully in every part. In no case can the lack of knowledge of the clauses of the form, which is signed at the time of registration, be invoked, as required by law.


Course attendance

  • Course attendance can be single-weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, depending on the enrollment method provided for each type of course.
  • Course suspension days are indicated on the web page corresponding to each course.


Enrolments and renewals

  • Enrolments and renewals are accepted only during the periods indicated at the beginning of the courses, and throughout the courses whole duration.
  • There’s no automatic enrolment for the months following the period already signed up for. It must be formalized at one of the secretariats C.U.S.B. a.s.d. or through the appropriate online procedure (if provided) and will be confirmed only after payment of the membership fee. Renewals will be possible subject to availability of places. Enrolment in a previous course does not automatically entitle to a renewal, nor does it give any right of precedence.
  • Membership in C.U.S.B. a.s.d. is mandatory in order to attend CUSB courses and is valid from the time of registration until 31 August 2024. It is also mandatory to submit the original copy of the “Certificato di Idoneità Sportiva” (a sport fitness certificate for competitive and non-competitive sports, issued by a sports physician) with residual validity equal to, or greater than, the chosen period of attendance.
  • Any request for fees transfers to other periods or to other individuals, lessons retakes and/or requests for reimbursement, will not be accepted. Lessons not taken for reasons beyond the control of C.U.S.B a.s.d., cannot be retaken, nor will they entail any refund of amounts already paid.


Attendance rules

Students will be allowed to enter the facilities and attend lessons or trial classes (where applicable) only if they have complied with:

  • The C.U.S.B. a.s.d. membership, with simultaneous delivery of the original copy of the “Certificato di Idoneità Sportiva” and regular registration, or renewal of registration, to the course.
  • It will not be possible to attend the course without regular registration at one of the C.U.S.B. secretariats or through the appropriate online procedure (if provided).
  • Each student, who has complied with all of the above provisions, will be entitled to no. 2 free admissions at the facilities, which he/she may use exclusively within the framework of courses organized and held directly by C.U.S.B. a.s.d.; the courses held by affiliated companies are excluded.
  • The access to courses and the free admissions are subject to availability of seats; once availability is exhausted, no access is allowed.
  • Failure to attend the booked free trial class should be notified 24 hours in advance. Failure to communicate precludes access to further free trial classes, even if the maximum number of free admissions has not been reached.
  • The Sports Club shall not be liable for items and valuables left in the locker room, or more generally for the loss of personal belongings within the facilities where the courses are held.
  • Any damage caused to the facilities and equipment therein shall be compensated by those responsible for the damage itself.