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Swimming with instructor

Swimming is one of the most complete physical disciplines as it distributes movement over the whole body without stressing the joints. Swimming reduces fatty mass and increases muscle mass in arms, shoulder and back. Courses are available for various levels and are attended by an instructor, for those who wish to learn to swim or stay in shape. Beginners: for those starting from scratch or wishing to learn correct breathing techniques and crawl/backstroke. Intermediate level: for those who have already done a year of beginners, who swims well but wishes to perfect breathing technique and crawl/backstroke and learn breast stroke. Advanced level: those who wish to work to perfect all swimming strokes.

Swimming with instructor course - Ravenna

  • Open to: everyone
  • Site: Acqua Sport Center - Via Berretti 55, Porto Fuori (RA) 
  • Period: to be defined 
  • Days and times: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7.00-7.50 pm
  • Cost: 43€ for 8 lessons; 80€ for 16 lessons 

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