Swimming with instructor Bologna

Benefits: reduced fatty mass, increased muscle mass in arms, shoulder and back, improved circulation.

CUSB Swimming with instructor course

  • Open to: all 
  • Beginners: for those starting from scratch or wishing to learn correct breathing techniques and crawl/backstroke.
    Intermediate level: for those who have already done a year of beginners, who swims well but wishes to perfect breathing technique and crawl/backstroke and learn breast stroke.
    Advanced level: for those who wish to work to perfect all swimming strokes
    Children's pre-competitive swimming
  • For information: Contacts -Registration for courses - Swimming Reception
  • Period: from 03 June to 30 June 2022
  • Days and times Children and boys
    Monday 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm;
    Wednesday 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm 
  • Days and times Adults:
    Monday 1.15-2.00pm; 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm; 7.00-7.45pm
    Tuesday 9.30-10.15am; 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm; 7.00-7.45pm; 7.45-8.30pm
    Wednesday 1.15-2.00pm; 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm; 7.00-7.45pm
    Thursday 5:30-6.15pm; 6.15-7.00pm; 7.00-7.45pm; 7.45-8.30pm
    Friday 9.30-10.15am