Happy Padel

The program includes exercises and games with the aim of developing basic motor skills, coordination, balance and spatial orientation. The activities will be proposed through the game to promote self-esteem thanks to training sessions completed with satisfaction. Fun guaranteed! All members will be provided with a participation kit.

CUSB Padel Starter Course

  • Open to: children ages 5 to 10 (2018-2013)
  • For information: cusb.corsisportivi@unibo.it
  • Period: from 11 September 2023 to 31 May 2024 
    September OPEN: by making the membership and by reservation at the following link - click here - you can attend the course for free until the end of September, before deciding whether to confirm the registration. 
  • Site: CUS Record facility
  • Days and times: Wednesday and Friday 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Cost:
    4 months: single-weekly 128€ - biweekly 224€ - triweekly 272€
    Annualsingle-weekly 200€ - biweekly 312€ - triweekly 440€

    Not Unibo
    4 months: single-weekly 160€ - biweekly 280€ - triweekly 400€
    Annualsingle-weekly 250€ - biweekly 390€ - triweekly 550€
  • Discounts: EARLY BOOKING for those who enroll in the annual course and pay the full credit card fee by September 2, 2023 -15%


There are no recoveries in case of ABSENCE but EXTRA activities will be organized such as SPORT DAY and PROMOTION WEEK:

  • SPORT DAY: weekend events with games, tournaments and lots of fun
  • PROMOTION WEEK: weeks in which you can attend any course

NB: only for the courses of HAPPY SOCCER and HAPPY ATLETICA it will be possible, upon communication to the manager, to recover in other days or in other facilities.