Didactics and Patents - Underwater Bologna

The course allows you to acquire the technical and theoretical bases for diving in the pool and in the sea. In addition to providing psycho-physical preparation, the course aims at acquiring a good level of aquatic skills and familiarity with the use and maintenance of the equipment.

CUSB Diving Course

  • Open to: everyone
  • For information: Contacts - Course registration - Swimming reception
  • Site: Record swimming pool
  • Period: from September 2022 to June 2023
  • Days and Times: Tuesday from 7.00pm
  • Cost: registration fee includes the issue of certification and the use of specific equipment for the duration of the course in delimited and open water. Throughout the year it will be possible, by reservation and CUSB membership, to make a free trial introductory. Possibility to attend courses from the basic level to the instructor level without forgetting technical patents and wrecks.