Calisthenics Forlì

Free body training with the use of the new outdoor outrace structure, which allows you to improve your strength, coordination and body composition, learning many exercises, from simple to advanced.
Calistenics is the one who trains (athlete or not) in the skills (exercises) of the free body, using only his own body weight as a tool for strengthening.
Goal: to achieve skill, strength and balance.

CUSB-accredited Calisthenics couuse - Forlì

  • Open to: everyone 
  • Location: Park near the Campus at Outrace viale corridoni structure / Palestra Studentato Sassi Masini - Via Sassi, 1 
  • Period: from 01 October 2023 to 31 May 2024
  • Days and Times: info Forlì Offices
  • Cost: contact to Forlì Offices