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Sport classes for kids (U11)

The CAS - Sport classes for kids (U11) - are organized by CUS Bologna for all children and teenagers who want to have multiple sports experiences: they are a opportunity to learn while having fun!

  • Who can participate: children from 6 to 11 years old. The groups will be divided into courses based on age: 6/7, 8, 9, 10/11 with possible variations.
    For multisport courses dedicated to children aged 4 to 6 click here



  • When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5.30pm - 7.00pm


  • Staff: sports activities are led by educators graduated in Motor Sciences with many years of experience in sports and training, with proven experience and interpersonal skills suitable for the age group.


  • Activities: Athletics, Flying Disc, Fencing, Tennis, Ball Sports, Gymnastics, Swimming, Martial Arts and Burner Games / Traditional Games.


  • To register:
    - go to the Sport classes for kids Secretariat, in the CUS Record facility, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:00pm - 9:00pm starting from Wednesday 2 September. Registrations will always remain open
    - call 051 6338105 (during the opening hours of the secretariat)
    - send an email to
    Maximum 15 children for each group.

    Documents required for registration:
    - CUSB card
    - Certificate of competitive or non-competitive sporting fitness


  • Cost: to participate in the activity it is necessary to obtain the CUSB card
    One quarter
    - Once a week 100 €
    - Twice a week 160 €
    - Three times a week 180 €
    Two quarters
    - Once a week 180 €
    - Twice a week 300 €
    - Three times a week 330 €


  • Discounts: the children of employees of the University of Bologna can get the CUSB card for € 5 and enroll in the CAS at discounted prices.
    One quarter
    - Once a week 85 €
    - Twice a week 140 €
    - Three times a week 150 €
    Two quarters
    - Once a week 150 €
    - Twice a week 260 €
    - Three times a week 280 €

    For the registration of the second child, the same discounts reserved for Unibo employees apply.

Activities calendar:

Sports Ball: basketball, volleyball, hockey, handball, rugby ...
Defense: martial arts, equal and opposite, self defense, wrestling.

Each course will be activated when 6 athletes are reached.

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