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The orienteering consists in running a predefined route characterized by control points called lanterns with the exclusive help of a compass and a topographic map. It requires athletic skills of speed and endurance but also ability to interpret the map and psychological mastery of the situation.

CUSB Orientation Course

Competitive activity

Orienteering is the sport of the woods, which makes the legs and the brain move. In the green of a forest, with a map and a compass in your hand, you will have to appeal to your wits and your sense of orientation as well as your athletic skills to find all the points marked on the map and complete the route in the shortest time possible !

The CUSB team is a young and dynamic group, united by a passion for this sport, and for sport and nature in general (trail running, trekking, mountain biking, climbing, ... are some of our side activities), which takes us to travel around Italy to participate in competitions, and always discover new places, naturalistically fascinating. All with the goliardic spirit and pleasure that distinguishes us ...

Our training sessions are open to anyone interested in trying orienteering or anyone who wants to take a group evening run in the parks and hills of Bologna and the surrounding area.

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