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Contemporary African

This course, through elements of contemporary dance and African dance, aims to: train body and spirit in flexibility and endurance, rhythm and fluidity; find necessity in one's movement as word, breath; open and expand the internal and external listening space in order to make our creative potential flourish and express ourselves. The lesson is structured as follows: a first part of warming up in which to find breath, flexibility and roots; a second part of work in movement, dance, learning of dance forms in order to cultivate and observe the relationship with sound, soil and rhythm, time and space; a third part of guided improvisation aimed at bringing out the internal word of each through listening to their own matter, their own cellular memory.

CUSB-accredited Contemporary African course 

  • Open to: Unibo students and staff  
  • For information: Contacts - Information on courses
  • Location: Team Cuba School - Piazza Galileo 4 - BO 
  • Period: from November 2019 to June 2020
  • Days and times: Thursday 17.30-19.00 
  • Cost: 1 month € 42, 2 months € 75 trial lesson 5 euros

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