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Gymnastics aimed at health and fitness biodanza It is about rediscovering and maintaining, in daily life and over time, a state of emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual balance of well-being, which allows people to reach and maintain their personal potential in society. The idea of ​​the body is often associated with pain, disease and suffering: the fear of suffering can be dissolved with the development of one's innate abilities towards the pleasure of living, coming from the natural impetus towards life, from the attitude to rejoice in the present of all the great and small daily pleasures of life. In a protected environment, enriched by music, by authentic movement, by the group and by experimenting with multiple possibilities of meeting together, each participant, gradually, will have the opportunity to feel, express, live his personal potential for access to deep and lasting well-being and then open with confidence to the pleasure of living, thus stimulating in a progressive and natural way, psycho-physical functions essential for its realization.

CUSB-accredited Biodanza course

  • Open to: Unibo students and staff 
  • For information: Contacts - Information on courses
  • Location: PGS Welcome, via Jacopo della Quercia 1 
  • Period: 30.09.2019 to 30.05.2020 
  • Days and Times: Tuesday 20.45-22.45 
  • Cost: 1 month once a week € 30/4 months once a week and € 105

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