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Aqua Kick Boxing

Gymnastic activity in the pool related to the disciplines of swimming, water zumba. Aqua kick boxing is done in the swimming pool in the same way as in the ring. Highly intense training for arms and legs. Equipment designs for use in the pool. Similar to kick boxing activities in the ring. The movements are more or less the same, but slower and heavier due to the resistance of the water. Punches and kicks in the pool are harder in muscular terms but less intense in terms of dynamics. High-energy training that exploits the resistance and weight of the water. Suitable for all. This training helps to lose weight and tone the muscles, as it involves all body movements. Works the upper limbs most of all. But also useful for toning and slimming thighs and buttocks. Some exercises work on the legs, thus offering all-round training. The exercises are also useful for reducing stress. Special equipment is used, hitting a “punch bag” in the water in time to the music. Discharge your stress by kicking the bag!

CUSB Aqua kick boxing course

  • Period: June 2020
  • Days and times:  

Monday 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 7:30pm - 8:30pm

  • “Total Free Card” costs (see attached regulation): 5 entries € 50.00 - 10 entries € 95.00 - 15 entries € 135.00

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